Ensuring Clean Water Access Across the Middle East and Beyond

At EWT, we specialize in providing water and wastewater treatment solutions for remote properties, resorts, villages, and hotels without public distribution and drainage access.

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Sewage treatment plant

We offer a diverse range of sewage treatment technologies tailored to meet our clients’ specific water needs. Our expertise consists of Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAFF), Integrated fixedfilm activated sludge (IFAS), Moving Biological bed reactor (MBBR) and Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR).

Water treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems tailored to our clients’ water requirements. RO is a highly effective method for reducing or eliminating unwanted salts and minerals, making it particularly crucial for applications such as potable water. This becomes especially significant in regions where reliable water resources are scarce

Water recycling system

A variety of water recycling systems and technologies tailor to our clients’ specific water needs. The treatment process for recycled water varies depending on the water source and its intended application. Common sources for water recycling include gray water, car wash water, oily water, slaughterhouse wastewater, and industrial wastewater (ETP).

Mission & Vision

Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Water Solutions. As global populations expand and societies evolve, the demand for better living conditions rises. Water, a fundamental necessity, stands at the forefront of this transformation. Established in 2002, Emirates Water Technology Co. (EWT) is dedicated to meeting water-related challenges across the Middle East and beyond.

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