About Emirates Water Technology

Our commitment lies in delivering sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable water technologies, contributing to a better future for all.

Our Vision

As populations grow and the world further develops, there has been an increase in demand for a better life. Water, being an integral part of everyday life, is key to this betterment. This emphasizes the importance of sustainable water treatment methods. In October 2002, the Emirates Water Technology Co. was established in the UAE, aiming to provide solutions to water-related demands, while meeting the needs of populations across the Middle East, the GCC and beyond.

Our main objective at EWT is to provide feasible means for water and wastewater treatment and purification in isolated properties, settlements, resorts, small villages, development project sites and hotels that are not connected to the public distribution and drainage network. At EWT, we pride ourselves on providing and designing appropriate water and wastewater treatment methods which help produce water that adhered to the standards set by relevant regulatory bodies.


At EWT, we provide a wide array of services. At the core of our business, our services include engineering, supplying, installing, commissioning, operating, and the maintenance of sewage treatment plants, industrial water treatment plants, greywater treatment systems and reverse osmosis/desalination plants. We are licensed for retail sale and the import and export of equipment for water desalination machinery and their accessories, wholesale of water treatment, purification trading, installation of water treatment and refining. Furthermore, we are licensed to operate in onshore and offshore oil and gas field facilities and services. We have executed all kinds of projects in UAE, Kuwait, Djibouti, Oman, Qatar, Iraq and Seychelles, reflecting our broad reach and diverse expertise.

Words from our CEO

Over a decade of experience in civil engineering, one thing always stood out and it was the vital importance of clean, sustainable water. This led me to the establishment of EWT in 2003. Since then, the dedicated team at EWT and I have been relentlessly committed to providing our customers with the most effective solutions for clean, sustainable water.

Mr. Ibrahim Daniel
Chief Executive Officer

Our Expertise

Sewage treatment plant

We offer a diverse range of sewage treatment technologies tailored to meet our clients’ specific water needs.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

With our Reverse Osmosis Services, we offer Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems tailored to our clients’ water requirements.

Water recycling system

We offer a variety of water recycling systems and technologies tailor to our clients’ specific water needs.