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Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plants
Air & Vacuum System

Water Purification Treatment System

As the water is essential to the human beings for their living routine, it also has to be provided in a healthy and safe condition, to avoid disease resulting from contamination made by the humans themselves. EWT has added to its experience in wastewater, the solution and know how of the water treatment to improve the human life conditions and enhance the durability and life span of the services and structures serving them.
EWT has joined efforts with a Greek company M/s TEAMK to offer to its clients the best and efficient water product they may need in their water use in many fields, such as:

  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment

  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis      
  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis

  • Hotels and Resorts Reverse Osmosis

And more...
EWT is ready to provide all kinds of technical and administrative support, design, and specifications for your project free of charge to help you in sorting your requirements and providing you with the rights solutions.    

To sum up EWT has created the integral “Management, Engineering, Production, Assembling, Sales and After-Sale Service” technological chain to fully respond to your needs. We keep the Sewage Treatment Plant and the water solutions competitive from spare parts, refurbishment, and upgrades to total plant management.

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