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Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plants

The wastewater treatment has become essential to maintain a healthy environment and to help in water reuse. The domestic wastewater treatment specialized processes for collection, treatment and discharge or reuse back into the environment, and a solid waste or sludge also suitable for proper disposal or reuse. The treatment was among company’s market priority; therefore it has combined expertise in the GRP tanks fabrication and a recognized wastewater treatment technology to construct its modular biological sewage treatment plant (STP) which meets the demand of the smaller to medium sized decentralized sewage treatment applications.
Also, EWT may work out concrete or steel tanking for the waste water treatment system design to meet the end user spaces and site conditions. We are specialized in designing and implementing common sewage treatment plant for a cluster of villas and housing complexes where treated water is used for irrigating landscapes. We are also specialized in the design and construction of Grey Water Treatment plants and Sewage Treatment plants for Temporary and permanent Labor accommodations, Schools, Hotels, Oil Rigs, Resorts, and Hospitals etc where reuse of treated water is made possible.
Moreover, a cost analysis study done exclusively for the UAE by EWT team, showed that a well designed small-scale waste water treatment installation is a good financial investment compared with a connection to temporary septic tanks with its direct expenditure for cleaning and disposing its effluent to centralized wastewater treatment plants or dumping pits affecting directly the environment.  

In order to fulfill the Market of Sewage Treatment Requirements, EWT has worldwide partners ready to provide treatment solutions for big communities up to 1,000,000 population-connected loads.

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